Ragu error when running fully within-subject GFP/TANOVA analyses

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3 years 10 months ago #44 by Dan Kleinman
When running Ragu either from the standalone app or via MATLAB code, it encounters an error when I attempt to run GFP or TANOVA analyses on my data (22 subjects, 1 within-subjects factor with 2 levels). In both cases, I immediately hear an error beep and the 'computing' progress bar never advances. (TCT analyses complete without a problem.) I last used an earlier version of Ragu several years ago; I did not encounter this problem then, even for the same dataset and analyses that now produce an error.

In MATLAB, the error is as follows:

Undefined function or variable 'mmBLG_All'.
Error in Randomizer_ComputeTanova>DoAllEffectSizes (line 392)
SSSyst(2,1,:) = squeeze(sum(sum(sum(mmBLG_All .^2,3),2),1));

It seems that the variable mmBLG_All is initialized earlier in Randomizer_ComputeTanova.m if DoGroup == true, but not if DoGroup == false, suggesting that the error may be thrown because of my fully within-subjects design. I believe (but would welcome confirmation) that the solution is to add a single line of code to Randomizer_ComputeTanova.m, on line 256 (in the else statement):

mmBLG_All = zeros(size(noBL_M_All));

Dan Kleinman
3 years 9 months ago #63 by thomas.koenig@upd.unibe.ch
Hi Dan, again sorry this took so long, and this should also have been fixed by now.
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