Identifying microstates on the level of the individual EEG (first level clustering)

Before you start the microstate analysis, make sure that your data satisfies the following criteria

The identification of microstates on the level of the individual EEG is accessed thru the menu Tools->Microstates->Identify Microstates". This opens the following dialog:

Alternatively, the analysis step can also be started on the command line or using a script. In this case, the function to be called is

[EEG,com] = pop_FindMSTemplates(EEG,ClustPar,ShowMaps,ShowDyn);

typically followed by


where the EEG contains the structure with the data to be clustered, EEGOUT is the data structure with the obtained clusters, com is a string with the command necessary to replicate the computation, ShowMaps and ShowDyn are boolean variables to toggle on or off the display of the results, and ClustPar is a structure that corresponds to the parameters of the above dialog, containing the following:

For those wanting access to the result in matlab directly, this creates a sub-structure in the EEG called msinfo that is pretty self-explaining.

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