Reorder microstate maps based on a template

Clustering algorithms do not yield a specific order of the clusters that is consistent across analyses of independent datasets. Once you have identified a series of microstate clusters, you therefore have to find a useful ordering and labeling of the classes that makes them comparable to other datasets. This may be the case when you have identified microstate class maps on the level of individual EEGs, and need to have them ordered in in a coherent way across the individual EEGs. You may also have group averages to be aligned, or you may want to align grand-average microstate class maps according to some published data.

Here are a view examples of the dialog in EEGLAB:

Sorting of individual cases based on a mean

Sorting of means based on a template from the literature



 Alternatively, the analysis step can also be started on the command line or using a script. In this case, the function to be called is

[ALLEEG,EEG,com] = pop_SortMSTemplates(ALLEEG,SetToSort, DoMeans, TemplateSet, IgnorePolarity)

typically followed by


where the ALLEEG contains the structures with the EEG data, SetToSort is an index into ALLEEG identifying the datasets to be reordered, DoMeans being true limits the ALLEEG datasets to be included to those that already contain average microstate class maps, TemplateSet indicates the template that defines the sort order, and IgnorePolarity being true considers maps with reversed polarity as similar.

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