Creating a new dataset with the microstate dynamics

You may want to create a new dataset with the temporal dynamics of the fit of the identified EEG microstates class maps. This is possible thru the menu "Tools->Obtain dynamics" (Based on individual, mean or published microstate class maps). The dialog prompt is the same one as the one used to define the fitting parameters for the display of the microstate dynamics, but allows you to make two additional choices, namely:

  • Rectify microstate fit / FitPars.Rectify: Makes everything positive.
  • Normalize microstate fit / FirPars.Normalize: Makes the data boolean (microstate class is present / absent)

The function can also be evoked by the following function:

[ALLEEG, newEEG, com] = pop_GetMSDynamics(ALLEEG,EEG,UseMean,FitPar, MeanSet);

typically followed by something like this:

[ALLEEG, EEG, CURRENTSET] = pop_newset(ALLEEG, newEEG, 0,'setname',YourNameHere,'gui','off');

The function works like the pop_ShowIndMSDyn function.

If you call the function from EEGLAB, you will be prompted to save the new dataset.