Getting started

Ragu is a program to compute TANOVAs, TANCOVAs, microstate analyses and other analyses of ERP scalp field data. It can accommodate two within- and one between-subject factors, each with potentially several levels, and will also test for interactions between these factors. If the between subject factor is rank or interval scaled, a TANCOVA can be computed. Ragu is Matlab based and stores all results in Matlab format. You can therefore access all the results also directly with Matlab.
Ragu is free, but we offer only limited support and expect you to quote the suggested papers. We are open for suggestions to improve the software where we find it useful for a wider community. We take absolutely no responsibility for the results obtained with Ragu, and the software may not be fool-prove.

There is a (somewhat outdated) manual type article for download here.

And there is a mailinglist for updates here.

The usual steps in an analysis are the following:

  1. Download the program here.
  2. Import your data and specify it's parameters (montage, sampling rate etc)
  3. Make sure your data looks ok using the visualization
  4. Define the design of your analysis
  5. Save the data in Ragu's Matlab format
  6. Run statistics (Microstates, TANOVAs etc.) and explore the results.
  7. Output figures and save results for later usage
  8. Retrieve and view previously produced results.

The documentation of the programs features sometimes lag behind their development, but should be and become available here.