Viewing your input data

Ragu offers you a simple data viewer that gives you a tool to make sure the data you work with is meaningful. Compare the display of the Ragu data viewer with the output of the tools that you have used to produce the data to make sure that you had a correct transition to Ragu. You are taken to the data viewer when you have imported new data, or you can call it from the View -> View data menu.

On the left side, the viewer shows your data as imported, i.e. as a subject by condition matrix of multichannel recordings. You can select one or several or all cells, and then click "Show" to get a view of the data on the right side. You should get a butterfly plot of the average of the data cells that you have selected. You can scale the data up and down with the "+" and "-" buttons. You can also click in the plot to get a display of the momentary map.