Exporting microstate maps for Ragu

Given you have identified microstate class maps on the level of individual subjects, it may well be possible that there are systematic differences in the spatial distribution of some microstate class maps across groups, even if the procedures to sort microstate class maps across subjects aims at maximizing the commonality across subjects. Such systematic differences indicate that the sources underlying specific microstate class maps differ between groups, and that you may be eventually risking to mix apples and pears in the extracted features, especially if you extracted them using the individual microstate class maps. To test for such differences, you can transfer the individual microstate class maps to the Ragu program, where you have all the options for the statistical testing of the map topographies. Ragu needs to be installed as matlab source code, though

The export to Ragu is invoked using the menu "Tools->Microstates->Test for topographic effects in microstate topographies (Ragu)" and is self-explaining, I hope.

You can also invoke this from the command line:

com = pop_RaguMSTemplates(ALLEEG, SetToTest);

where SetToTest is an index into ALLEEG for the sets to export.